Rzebitschek 34481-2865


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Bonhams: Signed F. Rzebitschek, Fabrik in Prag, nr. 34481-2865, on single-section hooked-tooth comb, playing two airs, wide twin-fin governor, on plain brass bedplate stamped with the numbers, auto-snail and timepiece actuation pivot in polished steel with manual string-pull override issuing from frame base, the separate three-train four-pillar timepiece movement with double hammers striking on two gongs, in gilt box-frame with re-finished side graining, pendulum start-push and winding hole-cover slides to right-hand side, the large painted study in oil on copper, showing an unusual 18th-Century taste interior view of a decorative metal ware shop, with seated proprietor gesturing towards a gold musical snuffbox on his desk with pearls beside, a standing gentleman contemplating a purchase, with a lady in blue robes examining a gold and enamel urn, side pose and smiling back at the standing nobleman, the open door with distant view of a walled city and its rooftops, the open door to the right with workers busy manufacturing metal ware in front of a large forge, and the vaulted stone ceiling supported on corbels and central pillar with timepiece, additional detail with various valuables strewn around the room, in moulded frame with acanthus and egg-and-dart frieze decoration [= „Eierstab-“ oder „Ochsenaugen“-Rahmen], two keys - 36 in. (91.5cm) wide, 28.1/4in. (71.8cm) high, 6.1/2in. (16.5cm), the cylinder 4in. (10.2cm), the diameter 1 in. (2.5cm)

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