„I´ll remember You“

„I will remember You“


"l'll Remember You" is a song written by Kui Lee, 1933 – 1966, in 1964. After he returned to Hawaii from the mainland United States in 1961, Lee worked at the night club Honey's as a doorman. Lee taught himself to sing, and he started to compose songs. He convinced Don Ho, the son of the owner, to let him perform at the club.

Don Ho liked Lee's original composition "I'll Remember You". He sang it at his live shows, and he eventually recorded his own version. Ho enjoyed success on the mainland, and Lee's composition became popular. It was recorded by multiple acts, including Andy Williams and Elvis Presley. Thanks to its success, Lee was hired to play at the Queen's Surf night club in Hawaii. Lee's own version was released on his debut album The Extraordinary Kui Lee.


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