„Sweet By-and-By“
„The Sweet By-and-By“
„In The Sweet By-and-By“

Christian hymn with lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett and music by Joseph P. Webster. First print 1868. It is recognizable by its chorus:

In the sweet by and by
We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

The hymn, immensely popular in the nineteenth century, became a Gospel standard and has appeared in hymnals ever since.

The American composer Charles Ives quoted the hymn in several works, most notably in the finale of his Orchestral Set No. 2, written between 1915 and 1919.

Noteworthy recordings over the years have been made by Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn and Kenny Rogers.

The hymn is also heard in films, including The 39 Steps (1935), Sergeant York (1941), Benny and Joon, A Prairie Home Companion, Supervixens, Django Unchained (2012) and Suburbicon (2017).

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