Ovaler Musikzettel
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Oval tune sheet, manivelle, with a circle of the alphabet border letters

Music boxes made by

Subchapter 1: Capitals: Thorens ()

Subchapter 2: Minuscules: Paillard or attrib. to Paillard

Subchapter 3: Minuscules: unknown maker ()

(Thorens) + (Paillard) Music boxes + (unknown maker)

Subchapter 1
Capitals: THORENS

[1] Unnummeriert

A Broken Doll

01-62 Little Old Lady

AR-22 Es klappert die Mühle am rauschenden Bach

AR-22 Parade of the wooden soldiers

Ähnliches Design wie die vorige Manivelle

9: God save the King


CR 112

CR 228 Three blind mice, Jack and Jill


1052-10: If you'll only


Goldene Abendsonne

if You would care


Only to compare

Weltneuheit (Thorens)

Ohne Angabe der Musikstücke

Unbezeichnet (1)

Unbezeichnet (2)

Unleserlich / illegible (3)

Unleserlich / illegible (4)

Unleserlich / illegible (5)

Unleserlich / illegible (6)

Unleserlich / illegible (7) (ending with “batteau”)

Unleserlich (VARIANTE: ZWEI kreisförmige Alphabete) (1)

1.) Capitals (THORENS)

[1] Unnummerierte Manivelle

©Private ownership

A Broken Doll, Underneath the Stars

Ebay 2023 Nov 11

N° 01-62 Little Old Lady


N° AR 22: Es klappert die Mühle am rauschenden Bach

N° AR 22 Parade of the wooden soldiers

Parade of the wooden soldiers

Ebay 2022 Dec 17

Ähnliches Design, Beschriftung unleserlich

Ebay 2022 Oct 1

N° 9 God save the King

3.25 x 1.5 (high) x 3.25inch

N° 41 (?) Two children, BOTH under an umbrella

Description ot the Ebay-Seller: A lovely Victorian Manivelle child's music box from possibly the late 1800's. Cylindrical metal body, label on the bottom is very worn but shows the alphabet around the outer rim and in the center it seems to be 3 children and/ or possibly a teacher playing instruments; the "teacher" is playing piano behind the two children, a boy playing a flute (?) and a girl playing a cello, with a mandolin off to the side. On the front a charming lithographed pictorial paper illustration showing two children a boy holding a parasol for a little girl that is holding a basket full of flowers.
Approximately 2.5" in diameter

Good condition, shows some signs of rust and tarnish, the bottom edge has some small dents, the top lithograph picture has staining, the bottom label/ picture is torn, worn and browning, it somewhat works when it turns but not smoothly, the porcelain handle/ knob for the crank is chipped on the bottom, its in pretty decent shape being from the 1800's and a child's toy. Overall wear and discoloration due to age and use.

Ebay 2022 Feb 25

No Number, Two children, ONLY ONE under an umbrella

Ebay 2022 Sept 15

N° CR 112

Ebay 2022 Dec 2

N° CR 228 Three blind mice, Jack and Jill

Ebay 2023 Jun 19

N° 629 (?)

1: Old Folks at Home
2: Dixie Land
3: Home Sweet Home

Ebay 2022 Jul 26

3 ¼”round x 2 ½” tall, nickel-plated, tin cased child’s manivelle music box playing3 tunes with color litho atop (worn & with losses) & original windingcrank with a white porcelain finger knob. The underside still retains its applied paper, another color litho (children playing musical instruments in front of a piano), alphabet border, and includes the original 3 tune label. Few damper squeaks but plays great


N° 1052-10: If you'll only

Ebay May 3

N° 4901/3


Ebay 2023 Oct 6

Goldene Abendsonne

Ebay 2023 Mar 21

If You Would Care

Ebay 2023 Oct 6


Ebay 2023 Jul 21

No proof that it is a Thorens
Dated XMAS 1920

No evidence that it is a Thorens

Ebay 2022 Oct 9

Weltneuheit von Thorens: Kuckuck, Nr. 256/2

Ohne Angabe der Musikstücke

Ohne Bezeichnung (1)

Ohne Bezeichnung (2)

Unleserlich / illegible (3)

Ebay 2023 Jan 17

Unleserlich / illegible (4)

Ebay 2023 Mar 21

Unleserlich / illegible (5)

Unleserlich / illegible (6)

Unleserlich / illegible (7)
ending with “... batteau”

Ebay 2024 May 16

Subchapter 2
Double row Minuscules: PAILLARD or attributed to PAILLARD

Spieldosen / Music boxes

America, Red, white and blue

Illegible (1)

Illegible (2)

Illegible (3)

Mamas Boy

Queen Waltz



Posthorn dagger mark (Paillard)

No Lyras

Ebay 2022 Jul 21

Illegible (1)

Illegible (2)

Ebay 2023 Nov 10

Illegible (3)


Queen Waltz (?)

Ebay 2023 Feb 2

Mamas Boy, The Vale of Shewandoah [=Shenandoah]

Lied in dem vermutlich das Tal (Vale) des Shenandoah, (eines Häuptlings, 1703–1816, der nordamerikanischen Oneida, eines zu den Irokesen gehörigen Stammes, besungen wird (Wikipedia)

Ebay 2023 Jun 17

Subchapter 3: Minuscules: unknown maker [1]

Ebay 2023 Dec 21

Subchapter 3: Minuscules: unknown maker [2]

Ebay 2024 May 12